Classroom Post #1

Great class today! Introduced the syllabus, talked a bit about journalism, including the 4 tasks of the journalist (Kovach); AUTHENTICATOR; SENSE MAKER; TO BEAR WITNESS; and WATCHDOG. Also spoke about journalism as a career — Briggs pointing out that the last 3 jobs he had as a journalist did not exist when he was a college student!  Many, many job changes will take place for the students in the Fall 2016 session of TVRA 2032 Tools for storytelling! Briggs encourages them to: Use a wide-angle lens when viewing the world; Feed your journalistic curiosity, starve your journalistic skepticism; and, collaborate!  Chances are that someone you meet at BC will be a business or research partner, or will be in your network, during your career!  Be open to that possibility…



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