To my unknown reader

This week’s blog post is to the “unknown reader.”  The reader with whom I may never connect.  But, I dream of this connection nonetheless.  With his or her open, and curious mind. A forgiving nature.

If and when I connect with my unknown reader, I will have poured out lakes and rivers of joy, discovery, disappointment, celebration, and insight.  My posts would have been thought-provoking, perhaps alarming, thoroughly authentic, sometimes even a slap on the face.   A reality check.

Is it important to visualize the reader?  Is race, class, profession, important to envision? Do I profile this reader, writing to her or him?  Would that help to find this important yet elusive, reader?

Frankly, I have no idea how to write to my unknown reader.  And, yet, that may be the best method of attracting my unknown reader.  Not to try, but just to continue feeling, thinking, inspiring, hurting, but most of all… to just live and blog!


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