Project #1 Gamification for Organizational Governance

My research focus is on the use of knowledge capital (the nonfinancial resources of an organization) as a tool for strategic decision making.  That requires the decision makers, e.g., a corporate board of directors, or hospital trustees, to recognize what knowledge capital is, and what nonfinancial key performance indicators (e.g., patient satisfaction) should be measured, monitored, and managed for maximum performance and competitive advantage.

Recently, I have been working with some very creative souls who are at the leading edge of gamification.  This new and exciting field is being used to improve customer service, increase employee engagement in company initiatives, and to cement customer loyalty. For instance, a bank in The Netherlands, Knab Bank, used gamification as a way to achieve a number of business objectives:

Improve operations linked to the key performance indicators (KPIs) of Knab Bank
Incfease and maintain customer satisfaction
Supplement or review the knowledge base for call center employees
Testing employees on procedures and company values

A Vimeo clip shows the basics of setting up a contact center gamification program.    Does it work? And in what situations?

Financial Brand newsletter writes, “A leading Spanish bank, for example, has a game tied to a points program, all based around driving website usage. Customers get points based on simple activities like transaction, as well as downloading and using the bank’s mobile app and watching financial education videos. The end game is elevating customer experiences and retention levels.

“The market analysis and research firm Gartner two years ago pegged the gamification industry as being worth US$2.8 billion by 2016, but there are still many questions about its real future and potential.

“An Infosys study last year focused on banks around the world revealed gamification was still in its infancy, particularly in the United States. The study of 160 banks found less than 10% had activated a gamification program, but two-thirds of banks had plans in the works.”

Quotes from interview with Chris Van Den Berg.September 27, 2016, follow:



Source of direct quotation: The Financial Brand, February 24, 2015.



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