The (or, Some of the) Adventures of Sparky and Kang Chul

Sparky and Kang Chul have shared many adventures in their 2-plus years together.  Sparky is the elder, born 1/16/2014, and Kang Chul, 5/6/2014.  They are quite different in both appearance, behavior, and I think, mentation/sensitivity.

Sparky is irrepressible, and takes a verbal harangue as well as any dog or human I have witnessed.  Yell at Kang Chul (a.k.a., Chorry), and the “iron man” will sulk for 10-15 minutes, or perhaps retreat to his cage for a half hour. If it happens outside in the yard,  you might observe a silver statue of a Bedlington terrier for the next 10 minutes! A Youtube video of the two young lads can be reached via

Sparky and Kang Chul run away too regularly.  The pair are well known on their dead-end street, with people and pet friends all along the way.  Their owner, James, is prone to take his eyes off them for just a few moments, only to be frantically calling after them, and the latest hunt for Sparky and Kang Chul is underway!  6 weeks ago, they were picked up about a half mile away, having just crossed a busy road at 7:30 am, peak rush hour for schools and commuters!

They are also “known” by Suffolk County Animal Control, and had to be bailed out for $60 in 2015.dsc_0658-2

Sparky and Kang Chul are fed twice a day. They love American Cheese, and their mom, James’s wife, gives them “Greenies,” which are a treat that is supposed to clean dogs’ teeth.  Sparky begs for food 24/7, while sometimes Kang Chul needs a mailed invitation to come into the kitchen for dinner!

Any specific questions about Sparky and Kang Chul can be asked by text,email, etc.


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