Cambodia bombing 40 years ago: Shame!


Julia Wallace’s article in the New York Times on April 2, 1017, “Cambodia, appealing war-era debt, tells U.S.: You owe us,” is fascinating and underscored the deep embarrassment, no, shame, so many of us feel about our country’s mistake in escalating the Vietnam War.  It was the signature issue of my college years, and set my generation apart, and as in many ways, un-American because we protested, to our own detriment, including personal harm.

The bombing of Cambodia in the spring of 1970, although of little military use, was useful in unifying anti-war activists, and led directly to the two-week student strike, which led in my case, at the University of Virginia, to me and many others being tear-gassed by National Guardsmen. Can we not ever  admit mistakes in policy, can we not include diverse points of view in national discussions of our history?


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