How can we accept Otto Warmbier’s treatment by North Korea?

Time was when detention and mistreatment of an American by a foreign country was like a cape waved in front of a raging bull.  Not anymore.  The good news is that Otto Warmbier, a young college student (from my undergrad alma mater, Virginia) is finally back home.  He traveled to North Korea more than a year ago, and hadn’t been heard from or about since March 2016.  The bad news is  that he is in a coma, and was obviously mistreated by the Kim regime during his “visit.”

The President is happy.  I am happy.  His parents are happy.  Otto is home.  But one again, we see that we have little “juice” against the bad actors in power across the world.  Let’s not even talk about the almost daily missile tests by Pyonyang!


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